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Talented Tattooist's!

Hi there all from our family team at Clear Art!

We wanted to tell you about two amazing Tattooist's, who have been using our very own Art Set to help them design some pieces, which we are absolutely delighted about! They both work at uber-cool Degenerate Art Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery (follow them on Facebook), based in Rugeley in the U.K. Honestly, check out the artwork, it's unbelievable!

Lily Heather Parton is a Junior Tattooist there and has an incredible artistic talent, check Lily's work out and follow her on Instagram lily_heather. Lily sent us a picture of one of the pieces she was working on for someone, and I'm sure you'll agree, it's pretty awesome!

Cheyenne Knight is an Apprentice Tattooist, also with a wealth of talent, as you can see from the pictures she sent us of portraits she'd done with our Art Set, of Hayley Williams and Rihanna, wow! Head on over to Instagram to follow Cheyenne and have a look at some of her other work c_28xo.

We can't wait to see what other pieces both Lily & Cheyenne do & we will definitely share them with you! Seeing these fantastic sketches, just makes us want to sit down and start drawing. They say practice makes perfect, and we LOVE practising!

If this has inspired you to start your own masterpiece, click here to go to our PRODUCTS page, where you can have a look at, and order our awesome Art Set, have a look at our other upcoming products whilst your there! You can also click here to go to our DEALS page, where you can send us an email requesting a 10% off coupon code, and we will email it back to you.

Happy sketching to you all!!

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