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Hi there all, how are you all keeping? I hope that you're all sketching away like mad, we love it when it comes to that time of day when we can finally stop doing work and get some creativity flowing, ah bliss!

We are so lucky to have connected with some absolutely incredible artists on Instagram,

and wanted to share some of their work on here and the links to their amazing pages, so that you can go and have a look for yourselves. We get totally lost looking on Instagram and get so much inspiration from just how many super-talented artists there are out there.

Here are just a few of the Instagramers you can check out and follow, you won't be disappointed, just click on their name and you will be taken to their Instagram page.

deathstroke___ drawing

We got in touch with deathstroke___ last September, he is an incredibly versatile artist, creating beautiful, thought provoking work in many different mediums. We love art that is outside the box and his is just that and much more. Go and check out his work and follow him, he is awesome! .

timmydrawsit Pen Sketch

timmydrawsit is a High School teacher and Professional Pencil and Pen Artist, his artwork is absolutely stunning and will inspire you to pick up your pencils and have a go. He is also contactable for collaborations, commissions and prints. Just have a look, follow him and be blown away!

mhatre_ashish is an artist who lives in Mumbai, he draws pencil sketches, mainly portraits, which are incredibly realistic and accurate, we love his work and the influences that show within it, just beautiful.

Artists of the future........

liam_draws123 at 18, Liam has an extraordinary talent, he is self taught and is particularly good at drawing breathtaking eyes, although it seems he can pretty much turn his hand to anything and it looks great!

minty.crafts is a 13 year old, self taught artist called Lucie, her work is really impressive and will only get better and better. Lucie has also done some videos on YouTube, click here to have a look.

artbylisa._ is also a 14 year old, up and coming artist, whose talent knows no bounds. Lisa is expanding her talents all the time and we can see that she has a great eye for detail.

tasha.draws is a 15 year old self taught American artist, her artwork is just so colourful, her use of vibrant colours is stunning, it always cheers us up!

tally_ho_equine_art is a 13 year old aspiring rider and artist, it looks as though she's doing pretty well at both! Her pony Amy will have your heart melting!

cathh_arts is a 16 year old British artist, who has a passion for music, art & travel. Her art will press all your WOW buttons! She's certainly one to watch. is a 16 year old English artist who has a superb talent, her portraiture is astonishing, the attention to detail is just superb.

Here is a picture done by each of the sensational young artists

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