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Here at Clear Art Products, we are aware that starting a drawing or sketch from scratch can be quite daunting and we sometimes need a little help in starting us off with basic shapes. So, we have decided to put together a little eBook, drawn by our team here at Clear Art, on how to get going with some basic shapes for a few different objects and creatures. We hope that this helps you in creating some wonderful pieces and would really love to hear how you get on!


Please contact us and send us your pictures as we love to look at them and with your permission, maybe publish them on here or our Instagram page!


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Our Clear Art team have all contributed to this little eBook, so there are a few different styles for you have a go with! We have tried to show you straight forward ways to have a go at starting you off with your fabulous pictures.


Here's the contents to give you an idea of what we have done:


Stick man, then basic figure.


Step by step eyes, then finished eye sketch.


Step by step nose, then finished nose sketch.


Step by step mouth, then finished mouth sketch.


Basic face shape with a few girls’ & boys' hair styles.


Step by Step cat, then finished cat sketch.


Step by step owl, the finished owl sketch.


Step by step horses head, the finished horses head sketch.


Step by step flower, then finished flower sketch.


Step by step dragon, then finished dragon sketch.


Step by step teddy, then finished teddy sketch.


Step by step ice cream, then finished ice cream sketch.


Step by step bicycle, then finished bicycle sketch.




We hope that you find all our sketches useful, some of them we found trickier than others! We have all genuinely contributed to this little eBook and so it has been made with love and dedication to you awesome artists and to the belief we have in our products!


Some of the sketches we have just given you samples of, ie the hair sketches, as we could probably fill an entire book with step by step instructions on how to draw hair, but we used the same basic head template and gave you options of a few male & female hairstyles. Hopefully you will find it useful and enjoy trying them as much as we did!

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