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It's never too late to try something new!

Hi there all you lovely creative peeps!

Here at Clear Art, we all love to draw, create and try new ways of expressing ourselves via artistic mediums, but we all have our favourites and tend to keep within our comfort zones. I love to sketch animals and attempt portraits, Caitlin will spend many a happy hour doing intricate doodles, Lydia just loves drawing eyes and our little Evani will sit and sketch cartoon animals all day!

We love our work here and are so lucky to be able to draw as part of our daily routine. Caitlin, Lydia and Evani all have art lessons at school and college, so I thought I would join an art class to try and push myself out of that comfort zone and try new ways to create with different mediums.

I have been going now for a few weeks and have absolutely loved every minute. It has made me explore new and different ways of creating a piece of artwork, some successful, some not so much! But it has pushed me and fulfilled that need to try new things. It has also given me many new ideas for art supplies, so, watch this space!

My teacher is awesome, has endless patience and is a truly gifted artist, making it all look so easy! I have met some lovely people and marvel at how talented they all are too.

So, get yourself out there, push those boundaries and get out of that comfort zone. It doesn't have to be an art class, it could be anything you've always wanted to do, but have never had the confidence to try. I can highly recommend it!

Happy sketching and creating!

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