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We've added a little extra

Hello there and welcome to you all! Here at Clear Art, we like to keep doing as much as we can for you, our fabulous artists.

Sometimes we can all find it difficult to bring out our inner peace and happiness, so we just wanted to help cheer you all up and move forward with a smile.

We thought that we should add a little INSPIRATION and a FUN PAGE to our website, so we have created two new pages.

Our INSPIRATION page should make you feel positive, help release your creations and boost your belief in yourself. We find that when we post our weekly quote, it gives us that little bit extra confidence to try a new style or sketch, something we wouldn't have attempted before. We hope that it works as well for you as it does for us all here.

Our FUN PAGE page is just as it says on the tin! It's us having fun and posting corny jokes or general things that make us smile.

So head on over to our new pages - INSPIRATION & FUN PAGE - have a look and let us know what you think here. We always welcome feedback and if you have anything you think would fit in either of these pages, please let us know here.

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