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Exciting Times Ahead!!

Hello there all you lovely folks! How are you all doing? We’re excited here at Clear Art! We’re on the countdown until we release in the UK, yeehaw!!

But, we also have some new and just as exciting news……..

We’ve all been drawing like crazy here, to produce our first little eBook! We know that sometimes it’s difficult to start a sketch or drawing without a bit of help, so we thought that we would do a book with a few step by step drawings of some basic objects and creatures to help start you on your way! All the pictures in the book have been drawn by us here (we’ve had a ball!), using our very own awesome USA Art Set! If it’s at all possible, we’ve fallen in love with it a little bit more!

We would love to hear what your thoughts are, and if you like it, then we can do another one! We thought you might also like to send us some of your artwork you’ve done using the Art Set and we could display it here on our website, also on our newly started Instagram page @clearartproducts

If you still haven’t got one of our awesome Art Sets, you can purchase one from USA if you click here, one from UK if you click here or follow the link on our ‘Products’ page!

Anyway, keep sketching and drawing, you fantastic people, and we’ll keep you updated on the roll out dates of all our new developments!!

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