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Happy Birthday!

Hello to you all, our amazing customers! We can't believe that it was one year ago today that we sold our first Art Set! The time has fairly flown by and with thanks to you all, and lots of hard work (we loved every minute!), we have gone from strength to strength. We now have our superb Sketchpad and marvellous Micro Pens on sale in USA, which we are hoping to be able to release soon in the UK and also widen our range of products. Exciting times! We get chance to sketch and draw every day and more importantly, we have been fortunate enough to see some of your incredible artwork and publish it on our website. We absolutely LOVE running our little family business and it means so much to us wh

Sorry to our UK customers

Hi there all, we want to send a big apology to all of our UK customers who have experienced problems with the link to purchase the UK Art Set on the PRODUCTS page, we were notified by one of our wonderful, talented customers, thank you Nirwal! It is now fixed and you will be able to order to your hearts content! Don't forget to send us an email on our DEALS page and we will send you a 15% off any Clear Art product coupon code!


Great news!! The Art Sets are finally back in stock! After what seems like an absolute AGE, they are now available to pre-order in both the UK & the USA (they will be eligible for delivery in the next couple of days). We are so sorry that they were out of stock for so long, they were just so darn popular! If you would like to order an Art Set, just click HERE We hope you have many happy hours of sketching and would love for you keep in touch and send us any pictures.

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