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Huge Apologies!

Hi there all you lovely artistic peeps! We want to say a HUGE SORRY! We are now out of stock of our awesome Art Set in USA now! We have had such high demand, we have been totally blown away. There is new stock on it's way and we have been assured that it will be replenished in the upcoming week, rest assured that we will be chasing it every day and keeping you all updated. We are as desperate as you are for them to arrive, so, please bear with us. Thank you

It's never too late to try something new!

Hi there all you lovely creative peeps! Here at Clear Art, we all love to draw, create and try new ways of expressing ourselves via artistic mediums, but we all have our favourites and tend to keep within our comfort zones. I love to sketch animals and attempt portraits, Caitlin will spend many a happy hour doing intricate doodles, Lydia just loves drawing eyes and our little Evani will sit and sketch cartoon animals all day! We love our work here and are so lucky to be able to draw as part of our daily routine. Caitlin, Lydia and Evani all have art lessons at school and college, so I thought I would join an art class to try and push myself out of that comfort zone and try new ways to create

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