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The eBook has landed!!!

Wow!!! Our eBook is finally finished! All our team have enjoyed drawing and sketching with our awesome Art Set towards our little creation! We find that sometimes we struggle to start a drawing or sketch, and need a little help with basic shapes to start us off. So, we decided to have a look at putting a simple guide together so that you have a starting place for your masterpieces! Included in the book is how to start drawing: Basic figure Eyes Nose Mouth Girls hair styles Boys hair styles Cat Owl Horses head Flower Dragon Teddy Ice cream Bicycle We enjoyed it so much, that we are thinking of creating little eBook number 2! So, if you have any suggestions, we would really appreciate it!! We

Exciting Times Ahead!!

Hello there all you lovely folks! How are you all doing? We’re excited here at Clear Art! We’re on the countdown until we release in the UK, yeehaw!! But, we also have some new and just as exciting news…….. We’ve all been drawing like crazy here, to produce our first little eBook! We know that sometimes it’s difficult to start a sketch or drawing without a bit of help, so we thought that we would do a book with a few step by step drawings of some basic objects and creatures to help start you on your way! All the pictures in the book have been drawn by us here (we’ve had a ball!), using our very own awesome USA Art Set! If it’s at all possible, we’ve fallen in love with it a little bit more!

We're arriving in the UK!!!

Hello there all! How are you doing? We can barely contain ourselves here at Clear Art........... We are just about to release the Awesome Art Set over in the UK! How exciting is that? Do you know anyone who lives there? We know that they will love it as much as we do, but would really appreciate you spreading the good news too!! We have set up a 'BUY NOW - USA' button and will shortly be able to go live with our 'BUY NOW - UK' button. Thanks all for your continued support, we really appreciate it and know that you'll welcome on board our fabulous British friends. If you want to purchase one of our USA Art Sets, you can click here. Keep sketching!!!

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